Committed to tomorrow’s history

Arabian Book of World Records  is a reference book, listing records that were otherwise unnoticed and unrecognized.

The major and established media sometimes neglect or comfortably forget news and developments from certain parts of the globe because of the political interests and the hidden agenda
that prevents them from being transparent.

The Arabian Book of World Records is established to unearth the contributions as well as
achievements, the wonders of the nature and the unforgettable developments that occur. The
intention of publishing this book is to support the inventors and intellectuals who can contribute significantly for the benefit of mankind. We recognize the human achievements irrespective of cast, creed, religious faiths and even political affiliations.

It is published periodically and planned to franchise in different languages in various destinations of the world. It will be available online as well as in the print version. We believe in
making a difference rather than attracting publicity because we are not behind getting popularity. Our effort will impress the world with its peculiar characteristics.

We act as the unique certifying agency for world records that honors the true talents and witness the human achievements. We are prepared to address the world with a different and creative approach. It will help the achievers to excel and make better contributions in future. We motivate the potential people since we act as a bridge connecting them to the world of opportunities. So, we record tomorrow’s history.

We publish only Halal, genuine and substantial things. Therefore, anyone from any part of the
globe can contact us. It is our policy to encourage all right proposals even though they are
small. There is no insignificant achievement as far as we are concerned. So, we value everyone
irrespective of the geographical location, age, academic and professional background of

We never publish anything that is detrimental to the interest of our society. We are keen protecting the interest of the public. We cannot accommodate anything that is insulting any individual, group or community. This will not be a platform for people who have political interests
or similar intentions. We are maintaining impeccable values for the benefit of mankind. We try
to be ethically perfect, legally correct and do morally justifiable things only.