The Longest Animation Movie in the World (LaiLa The Daughter Of God’s Own Country)

LaiLa The Daughter Of God’s Own Country by Mr.Razak Vazhiyoram and Mr.Atheeku Rahman Vadikkal.
The movie reveals the story of the lady who travelled adventurously to overcome the difficulties and bitters of the life. The main character Laila amazingly achieved her goal because of her courage, mind power and patience even the world said to her your goal is impossible.

The director Mr.Razak Vazhoyoram passing a message to the world especially for women that there is nothing is impossible until and unless you try, and also wants to shows that women has power and they have enough strength to do things same like men, and the Laila symbolize the hidden power of each and every women in the universe.

The Duration of the movie is 19,800 Seconds (5.30 Hours) and contains the songs and a good message. At last we can say that the whole area of the movie has technically and theoretically amazed and standout from all other Low budget Longest animation movie in the world.



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