What Make AWR Title?

Why should one be the proud holder of Arabian Book of World Records?

Arabian Book of World Records (ABWR) celebrates the superlative achievements of the world records that are the best of these kinds.  It is being done under the strict policies and conditions in order to maintain its highest standard and foremost values.  We have considerations while one is selected to be the proud holder of ABWR.

A record like ABWR becomes a honour only when it meets the following requirements

  • A record must be objectively measurable. Any criteria on subjective qualities have to be ignored and rejected. So the applications based on subjective variables are not accepted nor considered.
  • Arabian Book of World Records is not a hard nut to crack. Challengers are welcomed and have the choice to break any record at any cost so that ABWR always keeps updated and upgraded.
  • A challenger will be able to break the same record to standardize and renovate his/her confidence and inspiration.
  • Your skill must be proven and exhibited before a group of authorities and minimum proof of evidences are needed to ensure the fixity and precision of the records.
  • All fresh applications are subjected to a validation to meet our policies, values, principles and objectives.
  • Any activities that are unusual such as excessive eating, dangerous physical acts or harmful to other species or wastage of valuable stuffs would be allowed under the strict restrictions of ABWR authorities.
  • Illegal attempts or ante-social activities are not allowed to be the holder of ABWR.
  • Minors under the age of 16 are unsuitable to create or break our records. Such an attempt from their side is also considered a disqualification.
  • All our policies are regularly reviewed and updated by expert panel members and ABWR authorities based on the feedback received from candidates time to time.