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Ten thousand water animals and plants of 300 varied species from across 18 countries, will give the visitors a panoramic view of marine life.

The enormous underwater aquarium is built with thick GI stainless steel and acrylic glass. For safety it is fully UV coated. The specialty of this glass is that if broken, instead of breaking into pieces, it will turn like spider net. This ensures better safety.

The 200 feet long tunnel can store 2 lakh litre of water. It is difficult to house the fishes in sea water for long. Hence water treated as per Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, is used. The project ‘Oceanos Underwater Expo’ is built and developed by Neil Entertainment. Ernakulam native K K Nimil and wife Archa are the brains behind the mobile exhibition. More than six years’ effort have been put in to setup the aquarium.



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